Poplars pollination occurs during so-called "white nights" in Saint-Petersburg, each year, in june. This pollen is called nyx in russian.
21st of june 2010, I was following nyx, and stopped Lielia while she was walking in a cloud of dots. She refused to be photographed, and took me to her home. There, she showed me a portrait of her 34 years old son. There was a black hole above his left eye. The picture was made after he got killed in the street, in 2000. Lielia keeps it in her wallet.
I've been told poplars were planted massively after war, to fill holes in the city. Poplars grow fast, then they become fragile. And dangerous. Now they are massively cutted down.
This particular pollen is also known as "summer snow". It is light, gets embedded everywhere, and makes people a little bit sick.

These photographs were made in St-Petersburg between 2010 and 2012, during spring, summer, and winter, while going back to meet with Lielia.