Empedocles's sandal

In 1914, after a century of peacefulness, Sakurajima (southern Japan) had its most powerful eruption in twentieth century, and consequently the volcano became connected to the main land. In 1939 appeared the Showa crater, after one month of eruptions.

Multiple times a day, Showa crater spreads ashes in the sky, dusting Kagoshima city and its surroundings. From time to time, a bigger cloud obscure the sunlight, rocks can fall.
A couple of kilometers from there, tokko-tai pilots farewell letters are kept in a museum. These are said to slowly erase.

Excerpts from work-in-progress (2018). Photographs and drawings have been made in Kagoshima, Sakurajima, the Aira caldeira until Yakushima. Photograph n°11 was made in Hiroshima.